Every July, there is a pickle festival on the Roberto Clememte bridge in Pittsburgh. Heinz is a huge Pittsburgh staple here and over the years they have created and updated a pickle pin that you can wear on your shirt. This was my first time attending the festival and I was so amazed at how many pickle infused things you could make!

My first stop was at the booth sponsored by the Pittsburgh Irish Festival to try a deep-fried, Brie stuffed pickle. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. The pickle was warm and the Brie oozed out of it, but it was crunchy on the outside due to the deep-fried batter.

My friend and I wanted to try pickle infused cocktails, but sadly the booth did not open until later in the afternoon, so we settled on beer instead. (Side note-I actually hate french nails, but my friend required them for her wedding. Oh well.)

On our way out we stopped at the cupcake booth and I tried the amazing peanut butter cup cupcake. It was the largest, most delicious cupcake that I have ever tried (I was too scared to try the pickle infused cupcakes haha). Overall, Picklesburgh was so fun, and it will definitely become a yearly tradition for me!

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