Tres Rios is a Mexican restaurant in the South Side of Pittsburgh. They offer delicious tacos and margaritas-which brings us here, to the Margarita Flight. I saw this advertised on their Instagram but it was NOT on the menu, but don’t worry, it exists. NOW, I will say, if you are not into weird flavor combinations or eating/drinking outside the box, this probably isn’t for you.  This includes four decent-sized tasters of their signature margaritas: (from L -> R) Roasted Red Pepper, Frida Kahlo, Winter Pear, and Spicy Passionfruit. First of all, I did not like the Roasted Red Pepper. I am not against savory things (the spicy marg from Bakersfield is delicious), but this just tasted too much like liquid peppers. The ingredients were blanco tequila, roasted red pepper, cumin, and lime. The next one was the Frida Kahlo with resposado, Grand Marnier, pomegranate juice, and Hypnotiq. This marg was very good but I am not sure if I could drink a full-sized one, because I was never a huge fan of Hypnotiq. The third was the Winter Pear with resposado, pear, cinnamon, and clove. I did love the spicy taste of this marg and it felt like a fall drink to me. I would love to try this combination with whiskey or dark rum. The last was the Spicy Passionfruit with  blanco tequila, charred jalapeño, Passionfruit, and lime.  IT WAS SO GOOD. The Perfect blend of sweet and savory. I could drink this one all day.  Overall, I do think it’s worth the try if you are adventurous and into new things! Also, the guac and fish tacos were amazing, so definitely give this place a try!!

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