It’s time to wrap gifts! I love wrapping everyone in my families gifts different so that I can tell who gets what and so I can put their personality into the wrapping. The gift above is for my cat Charlie. I wrapped the box in Kraft paper and put on a simple red glitter ribbon and a glitter foam tree.

This gift is for my dad. I used this awesome wrapping paper from Target with houses and trees. My dad is a carpenter, so I loved the rustic feel of the wrapping paper for him. I added a simple green ribbon with a bow. (If you are bad at making bows like me, watch this tutorial by Lia Griffith-it’s amazing!)

When I saw this wrapping paper at TJ MAXX, I had to buy it! I used this on all of the gifts for my mom. We used to have a Scottish Terrier, that passed away in our hearts, and I thought my mom would appreciate this paper. I topped it off with red and green bakers twine and a small red felt bow.

I wanted to do a ‘mixed media’ approach for my boyfriends gifts. I used craft paper for some and this awesome plaid wrapping paper from Target for the others. I used red glitter ribbon, burlap ribbon, and Pom Pom ribbon to embellish them. I also added some gift tags to the boxes for some added flair.

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