This weekend, I went to a Winter Wine Festival at a local farm, Trax Farms. It featured 9 wineries and it was completely FREE. I could not believe that you could do virtually unlimited sampling for free!! Below I will feature some of my favorite wines that I tasted. Keep reading to find out!

My favorite from Black Dog Wine Company was the Trophy Wife wine. It was a sweet white wine made with Diamon grapes. It was so refreshing but not too sweet!

My favorite from Greenhouse Winery was the Tramp ‘n the Weeds wine. It was sweet but not too sweet and had tropical flavors.

My favorite from King View Mead was the Purple + Gold. It was soooo delicious and had honey, white grape, and lavender. You really taste the lavender flavor and it is so unique.

My favorite from Bed Kind Winery was the Bald Eagle Blush. It is a sweet blush wine that would be so refreshing in the summer!

My favorite from La Vigneta Winery was the Rosso Delizioso. It had apple notes with a sweet fresh grape flavor. It was extremely refreshing!

Overall I had such a fun day and all of the wines were so delicious!

528 Trax Road, Finleyville, PA 15332

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