My most recent trip was to Treasure Island, Florida! After a loooonnnngggg night of traveling (bus from Pittsburgh to Cleveland, flight to Tampa, Uber to Treasure Island), my two friends and I finally arrived at the beach!

|Instax Camera|

We stopped at Sloppy Joe’s on the wait to the beach for lunch. We got an amazing 64 oz Mai Tai fishbowl and I got some bomb firecracker shrimp tacos! The atmosphere was right on the beach but it was superrrr windy which wasn’t too fun.

Before dinner, we walked along the marina behind our hotel. I searched and searched for manatees, but sadly I didn’t get to see any.

For dinner, we went to Mad Beach Brewing. They have MASSIVE beer flights for only $12!! What a deal! I loved all of the beers, but one (Pirate Booty). Some were a little sweet, so be careful. I tried the Gator Po Boy and it was AMAZING. Who knew I’d love gator soooo much!!

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