So, for me and many people in the USA, Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer! I kicked off summer with my friend, Julie. We started the day off by going to this cute brunch place, Floor 2 in the Fairmont Hotel.

We wanted to try a bit of everything, so we ordered avocado toast, french toast, pain au chocolat, and bacon. It was all delicious, but the avocado toast was THE BEST. The cocktails were also so delicious!

We walked across the street to Sinful Sweets. On first glance, it looks like we got ice cream, but no!!! It’s edible cookie dough. It’s SO GOOD. I could eat a whole container of it!

We headed to the Andy Warhol Museum next. It’s honestly super weird art hahaha but I just loved this butterfly print from his early days.

We stopped by the Mattress Factory Museum, but ultimately decided not to go in. But not before I got this cute picture haha.


We finished off the day at Sienna Mercato and drank some delicious frozen drinks. Usually I stay away from frozen ones because I think you get less alcohol, but these were so strong!

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