Summer is quickly approaching in Pittsburgh (although you’d never know with this weather). Here is a list of 20 fun things to do in pittsburgh in the summer!

1. Rooftop Bars

There is a multitude of rooftop bars in Pittsburgh with delicious drinks and amazing views. From Il Tetto to the Biergarten at Hotel Monaco (pictured above), there are endless ways to spend summer nights.

2. Kayaking

Pittsburgh is known for its three rivers. Head over to Venture Outdoorsto rent your kayak. You can kayak the rivers and see amazing views of the city. You can get great pictures, just remember to keep your phone dry!

3. Flower Fields

Pittsburgh has lovely flower fields to explore. Head to Simmon’s Farmfor these amazing fields (pictured above). You can even pick your own bouquet for less than $10! Just be careful of the bees.

4. Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream in the summer (and year round). Pittsburgh has amazing ice cream spots. Head to Millie’s(pictured above) for delicious flavors and outdoor seating. Some more good favorites include: Pittsburgh Ice Cream Company, Klavon’s, and Leona’s.

5. Bike Tours

Head to Bike the Burgh for bike tours around the city. It’s a three hour tour where you get a historical view of Pittsburgh with enthusiastic tour guides for six to eight miles.

6. Delicious Food and Outdoor Seating

Pittsburgh is a break out star on the food scene. There is no better time to enjoy world-renowned restaurants (Gauchopictured above) than in the summer. A ton of restaurants in the city have outdoor seating AND delicious food. Don’t miss out!

7. Farmer’s Markets

There are farmer’s markets all around the city that have locally grown produce and sell other local goods. It is so important to buy local and you can find a market in every single part of town! Just check out their schedule and plan a day to go out and buy local.

8. Strawberry Picking

I LOVE strawberries and strawberry picking is so much fun. A lot of the local farms have strawberry picking in early June, but my favorite place is Triple B Farms. They have a strawberry pancake breakfast and delicious strawberry donuts!

9. Picklesburgh

Picklesburgh is my favorite weekend of the entire year. I loveeeee pickles and it is just so much fun. It’s in a bridge and it has so many vendors with pickle-themed food. The whole family can come or make it a couples date day/night. I am obsessed with the brie-stuffed pickle that is deep fried. TOO GOOD. Even if oh don’t like pickles, you MUST GO.

10. Patios

In addition to rooftop bars, there are some amazing patio bars as well. Enjoy a cold, frozen drink like the Cosmos from Shiloh Grill (pictured above) and walk around town. Shiloh Grill is a perfect spot because it is steps from the Mount Washington overbook.

11. Arts Festival

The Three Rivers Arts Festivalruns in early June and has fun for the whole family. Even if you aren’t into art, you can still have a blast. There’s live music and good food trucks, overall it’s so much fun for everyone.

12. Milkshakes

I know, I know. I already put ice cream on the list. But to me, milkshakes are in a different category. Pittsburgh has some cool milkshake places now and I think they call for a separate trip. Pop into Fudge Farm (pictured above), Milkshake Factory, orKlavonsfor some fun shakes.

13. Phipps Conservatory

Phipps is a go to for me for every single season. Stop by and enjoy the beauty of the flowers and just take some time to be one with nature. This place amazes me every single time I go there and I cannot get enough.

14. Diners

I love good breakfast year round, but especially in the summer for some reason. Head to Pear and the Pickle in Troy Hill for legit the best breakfast sandwich in the city. I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed.

15. Hiking

Step out of the city and into the wilderness. Pittsburgh has some amazing hiking trailsand if you are looking to get out and enjoy nature, you don’t even have to travel far! Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, just remember to bring LOTS of water because it can get super hot here in the summer.

16. Margaritas

There is no summer drink that competes with a margarita. I am obsessed with margaritas and I seek them out everywhere I go. Head to Bakersfield (pictured above) for the spicy marg, Condado for the blood orange marg, or Steel Cactusfor the Yinzerita. You can never have too many margs!!!!!

17. Cider

Hard cider is sooooo refreshing in the summer and Pittsburgh has some up and coming cider houses, like Arsenal (pictured above) and Threadbare, where you can get some amazing cider in house or get a growler to go!

18. Peach Picking

I love peaches so much and last year was the first time I had ever gone peach picking at Triple B Farms. I loved every second of it and the peaches were so juicy and HUGE compared to the ones in the store!

19. Sightseeing Cruise

Even if you live in Pittsburgh, a sightseeing cruiseor a Ducky tour can be so fun just to brush up on your Pittsburgh trivia and do something nostalgic!

20. Local Carnivals

Speaking of nostalgic, every summer local fire departments and churches hold carnivals. Go get yourself a funnel cake and some cotton candy and live your best life at a carnival! Play games, get your face painted, HAVE FUN!!!

So that is all for my favorite Pittsburgh summer things! Comment below what your favorite thing to do in the summer is!

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