Let’s be real here, who doesn’t want to get a good Instagram photo when they are out to eat. I know I do! (Shameless plug for my instagram here: Instagram) Below are 15 of my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh to get a good pic for the ‘gram. There’s a pro tip for each restaurant to ensure you get a pic that makes you on the way to being Instagram famous!

1. Condado Tacos

This place has absolutely delicious build-your-one tacos and AMAZING margarita flights that are actually a good size and price (maybe get a Uber…you might be tipsy after those haha).

Pro Tip: Go during the day to get optimal lighting for the photos and ask to sit upstairs, it’s way less crowded.

2. Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream

Let’s be real, ice cream is always an awesome choice, but it gets even BETTER when you have this gorg baby pink vibes. Living for this place, for real.

Pro Tip: The Shadyside location has better pink walls to take the picture in front of (top), but the Downtown location has a cuter counter set up (bottom).

3. Gaucho Parilla Argentina

Honestly, I am obsessed with this place. The meat is SO damn good. It’s also BYOB with no corking fee, which is always a bonus.

Pro Tip: Go as EARLY as possible. This place often has a line out the door around 6 and beyond, but I went around 5 and it was literally empty!

4. Floor 2

This is one of my absolute favorite brunch restaurants in the city. It’s located inside the Fairmont hotel and it’s just so beautiful and gives off serious Great Gatsby vibes.

Pro Tip: Go with a friend who likes to try different foods and get a bunch of things to share. Also, don’t be afraid to stand up to get the full table pic. I did and people stared, but WHO CARES?!

5. Hidden Harbour

This place literally brings serious tropical vibes to Pittsburgh. Their cocktails are so fun and intricately made (and strong AF tbh).

Pro Tip: The menu has little drawings of what type of glassware the drink comes in next to the name/description, so you can kind of see in advance what kind of vibe you are going for and plan accordingly.

6. Federal Galley

This place is so cool because it’s actually 4 restaurants + a cocktail bar in one place. I HIGHLY recommend Michigan and Trumbull pizza. It’s amazing.

Pro Tip: Michigan and Trumball can make a half and half pizza with two different kinds, so don’t rule that out. Also don’t be afraid to ask the bartender to make an Instagram worthy cocktail, he really hooked me up with those ones!

7. Bae Bae’s Kitchen

This little Korean eatery is so fast and quick and has awesome foliage inside. The food is delicious and if it’s empty, they will often give you little samples of some side dishes to try.

Pro Tip: Get a seat by the front window because that is wear all of the pretty flowers and greenery are.

8. Pear and the Pickle

If you are ever in Troy Hill, DO NOT skip out on Pear and the Pickle. The BEST breakfast sandwich in the city 100000%. You can also grab a book to read or a game to play with friends.

Pro Tip: Grab a seat in the room with the bookshelves. It’s so cute and aesthetically pleasing. Also, they often have phenomenal floral arrangements from Abode on the tables so be sure to check their Instagram to see about those.

9. The Summit

The Summit in Mt. Washington has some amazing, amazing, amazing cocktails! You can walk here from the overlook as well.

Pro Tip: Ask the bartender to surprise you. They always do an awesome job. They also have a rotating seasonal menu, so you can get a different cocktail depending on the time of the year.

10. Kahuna

If you love poke bowls, you will love this place. They have house options and also you can build-your-own. They also have an awesome juice bar to revamp your body (especially during a hangover-yikes).

Pro Tip: The end of the bar stool area by the door is the best view of the Healthy AF sign. They also open the front up during the warmer months, which is great for people watching following your IG pic.

11. Bird on the Run

Pop in next door to Kahuna for an incredible chicken sandwich (think Chick-Fil-A but 100x better). Also, they have frickin’ rooster wallpaper. Like what more could you want?!

Pro Tip: Always get a pic with the rooster wallpaper. DUH. And do not sleep on their cocktails. Frozen cocktails are often weak but these are soooook strong and refreshing, and the flavors change frequently.

12. Big Dog Coffee

I just love this little café in the Southside. They have amazing pastries and coffees. It’s also a nice place to do work.

Pro Tip; Go on a warm day when you can sit on the outside patio. It makes for an awesome picture and people WILL ask you where you are at.

13. Biergarten Hotel Monaco

I love the Biergarten. It’s the perfect spot on a hot day. The frosé is soooo so so so so good. They also have Jenga to play with your friends!

Pro Tip: They have an awesome greenery wall, so wear a cute ass outfit and get pics of yourself as well as your frosé.

14. Ki Ramen

If you are craving some incredible ramen (that’s equally photogenic) then please please please go to Ki Ramen. It is so freaking good. Also, ask for recommendations from the waitress, it’s so helpful because some words on their menu are confusing if you aren’t familiar with eating at these types of places often.

Pro Tip: Go on a sunny day. This place has awesome natural lighting and that makes editing your pictures that much easier.

15. Sienna Mercato

I love this place. It’s three stories with three different restaurant concepts in one (Emporio: meatball-focused restaurant, Sienna: main restaurant, and Il Tetto: rooftop bar). It’s so incredible and there’s endless opportunities for IG pics.

Pro Tip: The rooftop bar has a retractable roof, so it is open year round. Do not let snow and rain scare you, you can still get a good pic during the colder seasons on the roof!

Those are all 15 of my recommendations for IG worthy food spots in Pittsburgh. Any others I need to try? Comment down below!

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