I have been seeing colorful sneakers EVERYWHERE as a trend for spring. It is still SOOOO cold in Pittsburgh, but I wanted to get ahead of this trend before they all sell out. Click the photo or the link below to shop!


Champion 93Eighteen 

I am obsessed with these. I didn’t even realize that Champion made tennis shoes but these are incredible.


Puma RS-X Toys

These shoes have the cutest pastel colors and will go well with all of your pastel workout gear that is super trendy this spring!


Nike M2K Tekno

I have been seeing these Nikes everywhere. They do come in other colors if pink isn’t your thing, but I think these are so girly and cute and I love the monochrome look.


Puma RS-0 Winter Toys

These are perfect for the neon trend this is going on right now but it is also super subtle and these can be worn as everyday shoes.


Adidas Originals Metallic Falcon 

These are a bold choice on the list, but I think they are so cool and fashionable. The dark colors also make these the perfect Winter to Spring transition. Also, Kylie Jenner modeled this line, which is always a plus for me. 


Puma Nova Suede

I am absolutely obsessed with the colors of these. They have perfect spring and summer tones, but I also thing they could be good for fall as well with the taupe and burgundy colors.


Gucci Flashtrek Lace-Up

Okay, okay, I know these are a little bit out there but I thought they were soooo unique. I love the colors, the metallic, the mesh, and the chunky heel. These are for someone who wants to make a statement. 


Gucci Rhyton Logo

These are so fun and a new take on the classic Gucci Rhyton nude color. I think these are a fun luxury stable to add to a cute casual outfit.


Fendi Logo Slip-Ons

These are just so cool and so cute. They can jazz up any plain outfit and I think they can even be dressed up a bit for a night out. I also LOVE that they are slip-on for the convenience factor.


Balenciaga Triple S Low Top

So I have been seeing these Balenciaga shoes everywhere and at first, I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not, BUTTTTT these ones are super cute and perfect for spring.

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