Hey guys!! I have been watching YouTube for soooo long and I love getting inspo from videos, so I wanted to share my 8 favorite YouTubers with you today!


I love Maggie sooo much! She is so cute and has amazing style. She gets a lot of her inspo from Hailey Bieber (who also has great style), so if you love Hailey, you need to follow Maggie. I seriously could watch her vlogs all day and she just seems so real!


Kathleen is one of the OG beauty gurus on YouTube and I still obsess over her videos. I love when she does monthly favorites and hauls the best and I always buy what she recommends. I also love when she does her Kat Chats series because they are usually so funny and I love to see her personality come out. She also is super into Astrology and I love watching any of her videos dealing with that!


Honestly I can watch her videos like all day everyday. She has the best style and her Bougie on a Budget series is so so so good. She can put together the most affordable outfits that are still soooo stylish and trendy, it literally blows my mind EVERY TIME.


Steph is literally so funny and I love how she makes fun of herself and doesn’t take things too seriously in her videos. She has the perfect mix of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and travel content and I take her recommendations on anything like wayyyy too seriously because I haven’t been disappointed yet!


I have been following her on social for sooo long and I still every single video she posts. She is so genuine and real and I love how she is herself on YouTube, even when discussing difficult subject matter. Her fashion is amazing and I love all of her haul videos. She also recently got married and all of her wedding prep videos will give you major wedding fever.


I loveeee all of her hauls and travel inspo! She is seriously so stunning and has the most amazing accent. She is always herself in her videos and I love everything she shares in the videos and usually end up buying it.


Casey is another OG YouTuber and her makeup tutorials are always sooo amazing and I love her haul videos. She also has great style so be sure to check out any fashion vids. And she’s currently PREGNANT, so if you want some upcoming baby inspo and baby fever, I am sure we will be getting a lot more updates on her regular and her blogging channel.


If you feel like you need to get your sh*t together, watch Annie’s videos. She always is so organized and healthy, and her videos inspire me everytime! She also has amazing style and is so stunning.

I hope you enjoyed my list of my 8 favorite YouTubers, make sure you subscribe to them because they are all amazing!!!

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