Instagram Guide to Pittsburgh | Part 1

We live in an age where if you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t happen. Some people have a problem with the takeover of social media and the lack of being present in the moment because you are focused on taking pictures. I completely DISAGREE with this, and I am here to help all ofContinue reading “Instagram Guide to Pittsburgh | Part 1”

Girls Night In: Charcuterie

Girls Night In: Charcuterie Everyone knows at this point that we are smack in the middle of a pandemic. Due to this situation, options are obviously limited for things to do. I decided to create a new series on my blog called Girls Night In, where I focus on showcasing different, fun activities to doContinue reading “Girls Night In: Charcuterie”


I recently shared a post of my 10 favorite colorful sneakers for spring (see that post here) and wanted to share 10 more sneakers. I went for neutral ones this time. I love colorful sneakers, but you need the right outfit to wear them. These neutral sneakers (at all price points) go well with allContinue reading “10 NEUTRAL SNEAKERS FOR SPRING + SUMMER”


Today I am sharing with you my favorite easy celery juice recipe. I have been seeing celery juice EVERYWHERE. Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, you name it and they have been talking about celery juice. I’ll admit I was a little bit skeptical at first because how can CELERY JUICE TASTE GOOD. But with my recipe,Continue reading “EASY CELERY JUICE RECIPE”


Hey guys!!! Today I am sharing the EASIEST avocado toast recipe! It is one of my favorite things to eat for both breakfast and lunch. It is soooo filling and I am sure you all know by now the benefits of avocados. All you need is bread of your choice, an avocado, salt, pepper, chiliContinue reading “EASIEST AVOCADO TOAST EVER”


I have been seeing colorful sneakers EVERYWHERE as a trend for spring. It is still SOOOO cold in Pittsburgh, but I wanted to get ahead of this trend before they all sell out. Click the photo or the link below to shop! Champion 93Eighteen  I am obsessed with these. I didn’t even realize that ChampionContinue reading “10 COLORFUL SNEAKERS FOR SPRING”