Florida Keys

down to mile 0.


The Hemingway House is an incredible piece of history in Key West. It is the home where Ernest Hemingway wrote 70% of his works. I was interested in going here admittedly not for the literature aspect (I do LOVE reading, though!), but for the 55 CATS. I love cats so much and I was soContinue reading “THE SUN ALSO RISES”


The most amazing thing about Key West is how truly unique it is. For breakfast, we went to a restaurant off Duval called Blue Heaven. So many people recommended this place to us. It was such a neat place and there was so much history there. In the past, this property hosted gambling, boxing matchesContinue reading “BLUE HEAVEN”


WELCOME TO KEY WEST. Finally!! We arrived at the Southernmost Beach Resort, but the room wasn’t ready yet, so we went to the Southernmost Point to take a picture. For lunch, we went to a small restaurant called The Banana Cafe. It was such a cute place with a Parisian flair. I got the shrimpContinue reading “THE CONCH REPUBLIC”


In Islamorada, we stayed at the Postcard Inn.  It was a very beautiful place with a nice pool and beach, as well as non-motorized water sports. We hung out in the pool all day because the ocean was very hot and full of sea grass (yuck). It was a beautiful day and we decided toContinue reading “ISLAMORADA”


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