| TOP | MIDDLE | BOTTOM | This year, I was lucky enough to be invited to Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Restaurants party. There was around 40 participating locations (see below) and you got to sample delicious food from all of the locations! It was a great way to try new foods, find new restaurants, andContinue reading “PITTSBURGH’S BEST RESTAURANTS”


This weekend, I went to a Winter Wine Festival at a local farm, Trax Farms. It featured 9 wineries and it was completely FREE. I could not believe that you could do virtually unlimited sampling for free!! Below I will feature some of my favorite wines that I tasted. Keep reading to find out! MyContinue reading “WINTER WINE FESTIVAL”


Every July, there is a pickle festival on the Roberto Clememte bridge in Pittsburgh. Heinz is a huge Pittsburgh staple here and over the years they have created and updated a pickle pin that you can wear on your shirt. This was my first time attending the festival and I was so amazed at howContinue reading “PICKLESBURGH”