Miami Recap

Girl’s Trip My friends and I NEEDED to get out of Pittsburgh sooo bad, so we did what every hot girl does best–we packed up and went to Miami for the weekend. We literally had the best (and most boujee) time staying at the Four Seasons in Brickell. We also had the night of ourContinue reading “Miami Recap”

Girls Night In: Charcuterie

Girls Night In: Charcuterie Everyone knows at this point that we are smack in the middle of a pandemic. Due to this situation, options are obviously limited for things to do. I decided to create a new series on my blog called Girls Night In, where I focus on showcasing different, fun activities to doContinue reading “Girls Night In: Charcuterie”

Rainy Day at the Winery

I decided to celebrate my birthday this year with some of my best friends at a winery. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do for my birthday, considering we are still in a pandemic. I remember for my friends birthday in April under full lockdown, I told my otherContinue reading “Rainy Day at the Winery”


Twenty-Seven I just turned 27 years old the other day. I don’t know how to feel about it. On one hand, I barely got to experience 26 because I spent half of it under lock down in a pandemic. On the other hand, I am excited to begin another year of growth, hopefully with someContinue reading “Twenty-Seven”

24 Hours In Lake Erie

24 Hours In Lake Erie A week off of work with nothing to do sounds great. Except we are still in a pandemic. Stuck with in state travel restrictions paired with the growing need to get away, I decided to spend a day in Lake Erie with my family. Ocean Vibes Lake Erie is onlyContinue reading “24 Hours In Lake Erie”


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